Aromatherapy safety

Aromatherapy is a safe, gentle and effective therapy. It can be used alongside conventional medicine and other complementary therapies. However, it should NOT be used to replace conventional medicine and medical conditions can ONLY be diagnosed by a medical practitioner (GP or hospital doctor), not by an aromatherapist.

Always carry out a patch test before using an essential oil or blend, particularly if you have allergies or sensitive skin. If you are pregnant or have any of the following CONTRAINDICATIONS below, consult your GP before using aromatherapy.

Contraindications to aromatherapy

You should inform your aromatherapist if you have any of the following conditions, because these may indicate that certain precautions should be taken or that your aromatherapist should seek permission to treat you from your GP, consultant physician (hospital doctor) or midwife.

  • heart disease
  • pacemaker
  • blood pressure (high or low)
  • circulatory problems
  • varicose veins
  • haemophilia or on anticoagulants
  • respiratory problems (asthma)
  • infectious disease or fever
  • cancer
  • recent operations or injuries
  • epilepsy
  • allergies (including nut and wheat)
  • diabetes
  • thyroid problems
  • skin problems
  • menstrual problems (eg PCOS)
  • pregnancy

Find out more about aromatherapy contraindications and how to store your essential oils safely.

Aromatherapy for pregnancy

Aromatherapy provides many women with relief from common complaints during pregnancy. It may be used safely in the second and third trimester, providing you have no history of complications in your present or any previous pregnancy.

Certain essential oils and vegetable oils should be avoided during pregnancy and your aromatherapist will be able to advise you about this. For this reason, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, it is important to inform your aromatherapist before a treatment.

Always consult your doctor and midwife before starting aromatherapy or massage treatments for pregnancy.

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  1. Wow… I really enjoy these informative pages about aromatherapy. Thank you for providing so much excellent information! I am definitely going to go update my blogroll at P.E.A.C.E. because I called this site about ‘beekeeping’ which I love learning about and following, but it is SO much more. Definitely an ‘aromatherapist-beekeeper’. I love this site! Thanks again for all this excellent information. Cheers, Gina

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