About me

Hi, I’m Emma, a London-based beekeeper and aromatherapist. I blog (mostly) about bees. I also like travelling, photography, animals and wildlife, and stripes (bees are stripy).

Miss Apis Mellifera is from the Latin name for the European honeybee, Apis mellifera, and ‘Miss’ because most honeybees are female and single. My blog was famously Freshly Pressed in 2012 by a post about a monkey-fish, not bees.

Five years a beekeeper and I have a lot to learn. I keep bees at Ealing apiary with my lovely hive partner Emily Scott of Adventures in Beeland. My blog shares the ups and downs of our hives, with lots of bee fun, tea and cake thrown in.

I became an aromatherapist in 2005 after completing my diploma in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science with Neal’s Yard Remedies in Covent Garden, London. I studied the chemical profiles of over 70 essential oils, including their use in anatomy and physiology.

I blog about other things too, so here’s a useful index to find it all.

I live with my gorgeous boyfriend, John, who is very understanding about “all those insects you always think about”. John documented my favourite beekeeping adventure in Iceland!

I’m a Londoner born and bred though dream of moving to the country. For 15 years I worked in publishing and communications, writing articles for bestselling magazines, editing prestigious books and journals, blogging for high-profile people and generally doing a good job of creating specialist content, most recently moving into digital comms.

You can also find me on Twitter as @EmmaSTennant, Pinterest as Emma Sarah Tennant and Instagram as @cameracraft2010.

Why do I blog about bees? Because I want mine and John’s beautiful nieces, nephews and cousins to still enjoy seeing the first bumble bee pop out of a daffodil in spring and to run through wild flower meadows buzzing with life in summer.