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It really was a new year resolution to update all my blog pages this year with blogs that I follow and who follow me, useful links and downloadable resources, including free aromatherapy and blending guides. So I have made a start, please check back in a few weeks for many more blogs, useful aromatherapy and beekeeping websites and those of other interests.

If I follow your blog and you follow mine, and I haven’t listed you yet – apologies, you will be on these pages soon! If you are interested in a reciprocal link for aromatherapy or beekeeping, please contact me.

One thought on “Blog roll

  1. Dear Apis…I just wanted to say thank you. Last night up here in an obscure Cumbrian valley 4 newsish beekeepers met yet again to revise. Having a raging kidney infection and one of the group operating only at advanced scientific level I had had enough and was about to forget doing the basic completely! Your info has encouraged me to keep on.As a horticulturalist I am passionate about plants but all this new bee stuff had me floundering. So thanks!
    Fiona Zobole
    fiona_zobole@hotmail com

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