Aromatherapy and perfume

Finally getting around to updating my blog pages, so more blogs about aromatherapy, and also perfumery, will be added over the coming weeks. If you have a blog about aromatherapy and are interested in a reciprocal link, please contact me. And if I follow your blog and it is not here – it will be soon!


Dee’s Dialogue
Dee shared her passion and knowledge of aromatherapy, spa, massage as well as photography, art, colour, food, fashion, living in the tropics… in her words, ‘anything else that inspires and delights my soul’.

Sharing the psychology of fragrance and applying it to natural handcrafted skin care products, an exciting journey through essential oils from this blogger who lives in Strand, South Africa.  

Scottish Siren’s Blog
Aromatherapist, astrologer, Reiki master, blogger and musings on food, music and many things.

Earth’s Essence
Aromatherapy for health and wellbeing, a family-owned blog with lovely homemade products and a touch of mind, body and spirit.


The Candy Perfume Boy
The Candy Perfume Boy (or Thomas as he is known in the real world) is a self proclaimed Perfume Addict from sunny England. As well as perfume he enjoys drinking tea, hugging his cats and annoying his boyfriend. He is also one third of a Twitter project called Fragrant Reviews, which you can follow @fragrantreviews or visit the blog: Fragrant Reviews.

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