Art, design and photography

Photography is a new passion and I am often looking at other photography blogs for tips and advice. I also love and art and design so here are some creative bloggers that inspire. If I follow your blog and you follow mine, but are not listed here – apologies, I’ll be adding to these pages over the coming weeks.


The Lens & The Stories Behind
Travel footprints, community, perspectives… all captured beautifully by the lens with posts exploring the lives, thoughts and emotions behind the pictures. 

The Captured Past // Photography, Music and Video
I follow this blog for the amazing photography, but James also explores the best in music and video on the web.

Art and design

Ape on the Moon
Not about apes or the moon, but once you have gotten over that disappointment there is lots about what is new and exciting in visual design. I also follow on Twitter @MoonApe.

Studio Thirsty Crow
A think tank of design inspirations, written by a team of bloggers who aim to share collective thinking for design, fashion and art across the globe.

Protein Art
May K shares pictures which are inspired by proteins! This blogger rotates 3D images of proteins to produce colour and design recognisable to the reader, while educating about proteins in an informal and humorous way. After all, they are the building blocks of life… or is that amino acids?

This freelance artist and blogger living in Philadelphia, US, explores woodburning and takes inspirations from sideshow art along with obscure curiosities.

From the everywhere
Musings on her artwork by talented California Bay Area native, Melissa K Dean. I rather like her wolf in a coffee cup.

From the cradle to the grave, a design house hailing from Los Angeles, California, and showcasing curiosities and intriguing photography.

Hans Lichtenwagner
Brave, new and exciting illustration and photography by Hans Lichtenwagner.

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