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Finally getting around to updating my blog pages, so more blogs about bees and beekeeping will be added over the coming weeks. If you have a blog about bees (honeybees, solitary or bumbles) or beekeeping, and are interested in a reciprocal link, please contact me. And if I follow your bee blog and it is not here – it will be soon!

Adventures in beeland A lovely blog by Emily, my hive partner, sharing her beekeeping bumbles and wonderful gift for storytelling. Her blog has great photos and videos that tell the tales of our bees and of Emily becoming a brilliant, not bumbling, beekeeper!

Romancing the Bee
The most glamorous beekeeping blog that you will ever read and the prettiest hives that you will ever see, Deborah DeLong truly does make urban beekeeping beautiful. Her Buckfast and Italian bees feast on the banquet of her English garden in Cincinnati, Ohio. Deborah also shares wonderful recipes and slices of life for beekeepers to enjoy!

Batel’s Bee Blog
This beek from Western Washington started keeping bees when he was 16 and is a natural. He blogs regularly about his girls-in-a-box!

Hen Corner
This charming blog is a little bit of country life in the heart of West London with an overflowing kitchen garden, ten fruit and nut trees, a small flock of hens, and a new colony of bees!

Surrey Beekeeper The Surrey Beekeeper, also known as James Dearsley, has a great blog and website that caters for all beekeepers, old and new.

Surrey Beekeeper Beekeeping Websites Page James has also started a beekeeping websites pages, which is a great resource of websites and blogs, and runs The Beginner Beekeeper Page – the biggest online community of beekeepers.

Ian Douglas’s Daily Telegraph beekeeping diary
Brilliant articles and beekeeping diary by Daily Telegraph journalist, Ian Douglas. Follow on Twitter @IanDouglas

Gretchen Bee Ranch
Mark and Thien Gretchen share their adventures as beekeepers in Texas, US, where bees flourish and honey flows.

Talking With Bees
In his own words: ‘I’d tried meditation retreats, I’d tried working for myself, I’d tried mentoring children, I’d even tried a serious relationship. But after nearly 38 years there was still nothing that answered the question ‘what should I do with my life?’ Now I’ve found the answer: beekeeping.’

Apiary landlord’s blog
Follow the thoughts of a beginner beekeeper with lots of great pages to offer from waggle dance miracles, bee gardens, how to tell if a bee is sleeping and much more.

Tales from the beehive – a beekeeper’s blog
Daniel is a beekeeper in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, writes an entertaining and educational blog about his experiences for anyone who is interested in starting up or, in his words, ‘enjoys seeing me get stung!’

Tales of an urban bee farmer
This beekeeper with a rural heart trying to live in an urban setting in North America still gets to see mountains, enjoys gardening and doing right by the bees.

Yorkshire Bee’s Blog
The diary of an amateur beekeeper – aren’t we all? – who also runs the Yorkshire Bees website. This bee enthusiast posts great pictures and a record of hives through the seasons.

Kiwimana’s beekeeping blog
A blog about the adventures of beekeeping in the hills of West Auckland, New Zealand – get the news on NZ bees here!

‘To be or not to be’ – the trials and tribulations of a beginner beekeeper. Tabitha, who is the writer and photographer for this great blog, and her husband Yanni started beekeeping in 2011 and are learning by bumps and stings along the way with some great lessons posted like this image of a laying worker bee.

The Farmers Taft
Muriel and Richard are beginner beekeepers in southeastern Wisconsin, US, who are just starting out on that dodgy path of keeping bees! I am really looking forward to following their experiences. They also live the good life in harmony with the land and have a wonderful garden and orchard that their bees are sure to love!

More blogs to come soon…

8 thoughts on “Bee blogs

  1. I like your idea of listing blogs like this. I have many people that I want to recognize. I started to do it like I show in my most recent Friday Flower Fiesta post as a dedication, but that would take me about five years to get everyone in. I like your way better. Might I swipe your idea?

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’m glad to find yours since I’m new to all this. I’ve already found some good information and will likely link to your info on a future blog post. I’m learning myself as I look for information to educate my customers about all my ingredients.

    • Thank you, Nancy, that’s a great idea. WordPress community is very friendly and supportive, it’s a great place to blog and for bloggers to support and learn from each other. I look forward to reading your posts also! :)

  3. Hello Emma, thank you so much for following my blog. I think yours is beautiful. I have been reading about bees and subscribing to bee magazines for years but this is my first actual hive. I can’t wait to share my experiences and feel honored that you’d like to read them. Take good care.

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