The Bumblebee Awards

The Bumblebee Award is awarded to blogs that meet the five criteria of everybody’s favourite insect – the bumblebee. I have millions a few awards to catch up on, so watch this space!

1. A pleasure to read!
Bumblebees are a pleasure to watch and this blog is a pleasure to read.
2. Full of fascinating facts!
Bumblebees are fascinating creatures and this blog is fascinating too.
3. Informative and inspiring!
The flight of the bumblebee is scientifically impossible and yet these inspiring insects do fly! This blog is inspirational.
4. Creative and well-written!
Well, bumblebees are very messy but so are creative people!
5. Friendly and fun!
Bumblebees are sociable insects and this blog has a close friendship with the reader.

And if you love bumblebees then also read five things you should know.

The Bumblebee Award was inspired by The Liberated Way‘s excellent Dandelion Awards, which Alex awards to one WordPress blog each Sunday. Read the Dandelion Awards to discover more creative bloggers who inform, share wisdom, write well and inspire.

The Bumblebee Awards have been awarded to the following blogs:

The Bumblebee Award for The Liberated Way
The Bumblebee Award for Buried words and Bushwa

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