The Bumblebee Award for Adventuresinbeeland’s Blog

The Bumblebee Award is awarded to blogs that meet the five criteria of everybody’s favourite insect – the bumblebee. This award is presented to Adventuresinbeeland’s Blog, by my lovely hive partner, Emily, who writes about her beekeeping bumbles.

The Bumblebee Award comes with only one obligation – to enjoy glow basking!

1. A pleasure to read!
Bumblebees are a pleasure to watch and this blog is a pleasure to read.
Emily is a wonderful storyteller and I love how she chronicles the adventures of our bees – like our wilful swarmy queen, Lavender, in Lavender on the loose!

2. Full of fascinating facts!
Bumblebees are fascinating creatures and this blog is fascinating too.
While I am a mere novice starting out on the path of BBKA assessments and examinations, Emily is a pro at taking beekeeping exams and shares her studies for the benefit of other beekeepers: 9th Honeybee Management revision post: the value of honey, water and propolis.

3. Informative and inspiring!
The flight of the bumblebee is scientifically impossible and yet these inspiring insects do fly! This blog is inspirational.
Emily is a librarian so she knows a good book and her book reviews are both informative and inspiring. Book Review: Read Travels in Blood and Honey: Becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo by Elizabeth Gowing.

4. Creative and well-written!
Well, bumblebees are very messy but so are creative people!
Emily is a very creative lady and regularly off on an adventure of some kind! I very much enjoyed this post: Food from the sky.

5. Friendly and fun!
Bumblebees are sociable insects and this blog has a close friendship with the reader.
Emily’s posts are lots of fun and she always responds to her readers. But bees are never far from her mind: A Bath Bumblebee.

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