The Bumblebee Award for Buried words and Bushwa

The Bumblebee Award is awarded to blogs that meet the five criteria of everybody’s favourite insect – the bumblebee. This award is presented to Buried words and Bushwa who blogs about strange tales and urban legends from the forgotten archives.

This award comes with no obligation other than to enjoy it!

1. A pleasure to read!
Bumblebees are a pleasure to watch and this blog is a pleasure to read.
Metan is the blogger behind Buried words and Bushwa and the posts do make enjoyable reading, including a shared obsession: Don’t mess with a mermaid, 1911.

2. Full of fascinating facts!
Bumblebees are fascinating creatures and this blog is fascinating too.
Addicted to history, this blogger has a gift for unearthing curious facts and fiction like this: Some strange finds. 1937 and 1933.

3. Informative and inspiring!
The flight of the bumblebee is scientifically impossible and yet these inspiring insects do fly! This blog is inspirational.
Buried words and Bushwa is very well written and entertaining. We’re back to a nautical theme: Haunted Ships. 1919.

4. Creative and well-written!
Well, bumblebees are very messy but so are creative people!
Who else could make such a fun and epic story about a fungus? The icky demise of the front lawn fungus

5. Friendly and fun!
Bumblebees are sociable insects and this blog has a close friendship with the reader.
Metan builds close relationships with readers and takes the time to answer all comments, often as a way of providing more interesting factoids! Check out the conversation on Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.

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