The Sunshine Award I

I would like to thank Donna (aka Momma E) of My Magnificent Mess for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award. Donna brings a lot of sunshine into my life and was herself awarded the: Sunshine Award for My Magnificent Mess

The Sunshine Award is a bit like the Oscars – you need to give an acceptance speech!

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer questions about yourself, which seem to vary – let’s keep a little mystery!
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite color – pink!
Favorite number – 17
Favorite non-alcoholic drink – lucozade
Facebook or Twitter – WordPress, of course!
My passion – bees, nature, aromatherapy, writing, art, photography… must I choose?
Getting or giving presents – giving
Favorite pattern – anything by my talented friend Danielle’s Donkey Studio
Favorite day of the week – Friday, Friday, Friday!
Favorite flower – myrtle

My nominees
In Donna’s honour, I have nominated those blogs that I follow in the category of writers and poets. Enjoy following the adventures of these creative bloggers as much as I do!

I am very guilty of sitting on my own blog awards for weeks, so there is no obligation for these nominees to do anything with their Sunshine Award except enjoy it!

The Type and Byte Review
A journal of letters, art, recreation, entertainment and sports, edited by a baseball nut [sic] who has learned to appreciate soccer.

PeterGermany’s Blog
The journey to becoming a published writer, this is not just a blog about writing, it is about what the writer is thinking and feeling, and how the world works around us.

I’ve been there, Claire
Reflections of a rebel novelist riding down her dreams, Claire us a Native Texan, writer, wife and mother sharing her dialogue on life.

Frankly, my dear
A writer’s guide to the galaxy and beyond… this bloggetter describes herself as ‘opinionated journalist/writer isn’t afraid to tell it like it is’ with scribblings about music, movies, books, food and much more.
Chris is engineers happiness for WordPress, which sounds like the best job, and spends his time running around parks, drinking chai tea and writing a philosophical-sort of blog that may or may not exist.

The Terrifying Blank Page and Other Terrible Tales
This blogger wants to answer one question: can I be a real writer of creative fiction? Can I write a damn book? Well, that’s two but she also writes at

Bibliophile and a semi-professional pirate keeps his ‘eye out for fun and exciting happenings in the book and publishing worlds’ and blogs news and reviews for bookish people.

Brian Westbye
Brian Westbye is a corporate warrior and a cultural dilettante who embarked on a path of writing following a mid-life epiphany. World Domination will follow.

Starbeam night
A 20 year old writer and lover of life, blogging about the ‘Exploring the possimpible’.

Imagination powers!
Storytelling straight from the unicorn’s mouth, dAVE inden [sic] writes stories and poems, takes photos, and put his voice into microphones. But in all seriousness, dAVE likes unicorns, imagination, and the internet.

Throwing caution to the wind, I would also like to nominate one further blog:

Michael is a poet who writes freeverse but swam through the seas of rhyme and form to get where he is now. He has been published in a number of obscure journals and literary magazines, and is currently working on a book of poems.

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