The Sunshine Award II

I would like to thank Sara of Domesteading for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award. This single girl gone back to the land brings a lot of fun to the blogosphere, and was herself awarded the: Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award is a bit like the Oscars – you need to give an acceptance speech!

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer questions about yourself, which seem to vary – let’s keep a little mystery!
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite number – 17
Favorite non-alcoholic drink – lucozade
Favorite animal – honeybee! I do also love cats, dogs, horses, lions, tigers, bears, dolphins,  and other insects – bumbles, butterflies, dragonflies…
Facebook or Twitter? WordPress!
My passion – bees, nature, aromatherapy, writing, art, photography… must I choose?
Favorite day of the week – Friday, Friday, Friday!
Favorite flower – myrtle

My nominees
Inspired by Sara’s blog, my nominees for this round of Sunshine Awards are selected from bloggers who have a similar passion for healthy living.

I am very guilty of sitting on my own blog awards for weeks, so there is no obligation for these nominees to do anything with their Sunshine Award except enjoy it!

A Healthy Life
The blog that inspired this page, Amy Sue brings you cooking, gardening and living a healthy life with delicious, mouthwatering recipes. I really recommend following her to find out what is yummy this week!

Denise is an Artist, a Woman, a Mother and a Vegan. Her opinions are strong as is her passion for life, health, art, and her family. Her talented Elflings are following in her footsteps.

Putney Farm
‘Get some good food. Cook it. Share with friends. Have a cocktail,’ says this family blog about seasonal food, cooking and entertaining for family and friends. This blog brings delicious recipes inspired by Putney Farm’s garden, orchard, berry patch and bees!

This massage and spa therapist also reflects on life through: ‘My corner. My worldview. The something without which other things do not make sense. The piece that holds other pieces in place’.

Homemade Wellbeing
Kristina’s lovely blog about being happy and balanced, staying healthy and naturally beautiful. She has wonderful homemade recipes that will make you look and feel lovely!

Dee’s Dialogue
Dee shared her passion and knowledge of aromatherapy, spa, massage as well as photography, art, colour, food, fashion, living in the tropics… in her words, ‘anything else that inspires and delights my soul’.

Veganize it!
I love this blog with ideas to unleash your inner vegan. Rebecca Kaplan sets the challenge to veganize any food recipe from onion rings to cookies with a touch of humour. Enjoy finding out why cotton candy is the best vegan dessert.

Sprouting Health
A blogger with a passion for good health and wholesome living, her posts share healthy cooking and whole foods stirred with homespun stories, art and crafts and sprinkled with positive thinking.

The Garden Diaries
A down-to-earth gardener with dirty fingernails and a floral designer, this blogger loves to write about her passions, which also include cooking, entertaining, decorating, and flower arranging.

Garden Walk, Garden Talk
A blog that celebrates the beauty and creativity found while gardening in Niagara Falls, New York. This Master Gardener also paints and draws; designs and creates; and passes along tips and ideas that may inspire.

Once again throwing caution to the wind, I would like to nominate one more blogger…

A French Garden
Visit a vision of the romantic and rustic French country garden with drifts of scent and enchanting scenery, brought to life with love, passion and serendipity.

6 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award II

    • I’m probably wilfully breaking the rules but didn’t intend any commitment with these awards to blogs that I like other than for bloggers to enjoy them. You have a lovely blog – so well deserved – and can post the award picture if you like to your wall :)

  1. Thank you so much Emma and congratulations on your award! Your blog is lovely and the award is well deserved :) I will enjoy my award; I hope it brings the sunshine to London :)

  2. Thank you Emma for the Sunshine Award. I have been away and have had limited internet access and could not get back here as quick as I would like. I am very appreciative for you nominating GWGT. I love visiting your bee posts.

  3. Well, goodness Emma! Thank you! Though the appreciation is delayed I have been off the internet on a farm for many months and am now starting to blog again, with this wonderful, heartwarming kindness from you. Cannot wait to catch up on what you’ve been up to!

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