The Sunshine Award III

I would like to thank Putney Farm, a wonderful family blog, for nominating my pages for the Sunshine Award. Putney Farm’s mouth-watering recipes were the well-deserved recipients of: Putney Farm Has Been Nominated For a Sunshine Blog Award.

The Sunshine Award is a bit like the Oscars – you need to give an acceptance speech!

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer questions about yourself, which seem to vary – let’s keep a little mystery!
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite color – pink!
Favorite animal – honeybee! I do also love cats, dogs, horses, lions, tigers, bears, dolphins,  and other insects – bumbles, butterflies, dragonflies…
Favorite number – 17
Favorite drink – lucozade
Facebook or Twitter? WordPress!
My passion – bees, nature, aromatherapy, writing, art, photography… must I choose?
Getting or giving presents – giving
Favorite day of the week – Friday, Friday, Friday!
Favorite flower – myrtle

My nominees
Inspired by Putney Farm, my nominees for this round of Sunshine Awards are selected from bloggers who have passion for the land and natural living.

I am very guilty of sitting on my own blog awards for weeks, so there is no obligation for these nominees to do anything with their Sunshine Award except enjoy it!

Leaf and Twig
Where observation and imagination meet nature in poetry, this beautiful blog explores the natural world in pictures and prose.

standingoutinmyfield – the nature of a punny field biologist
Field biologist, traveller and storyteller, this is a fascinating blog with brilliant wildlife photography, illustrations, stories and poems of one woman standing out in her field doing science to it. Lots of bee stuff too, I love these orchid bees that look like living jewels.

The Farmers Taft
Muriel and Richard are beginner beekeepers in southeastern Wisconsin, US, who are just starting out on that dodgy path of keeping bees! I am really looking forward to following their experiences. They also live the good life in harmony with the land and have a wonderful garden and orchard that their bees are sure to love!

Apiary landlord’s blog
Follow the thoughts of a beginner beekeeper with lots of great pages to offer from waggle dance miracles, bee gardens, how to tell if a bee is sleeping and much more.

Kiwimana’s beekeeping blog
A blog about the adventures of beekeeping in the hills of West Auckland, New Zealand – get the news on NZ bees here!

Minor musings on the macrocosm from insects and mammals to dinosaurs and arthropods!

Planet Earth Newsletter
Showcasing beautiful photography of nature, wildlife, landscapes, macro, the Earth and life in all its forms.

Sharing the psychology of fragrance and applying it to natural handcrafted skin care products, an exciting journey through essential oils from this blogger who lives in Strand, South Africa.  

Scottish Siren’s Blog
Aromatherapist, astrologer, Reiki master, blogger and musings on food, music and many things.

Earth’s Essence
Aromatherapy for health and wellbeing, a family-owned blog with lovely homemade products and a touch of mind, body and spirit.

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