A healthy life

As an aromatherapist, and beekeeper, I have a passion for healthy living and am inspired by these bloggers. More blogs to be listed here soon.

A Healthy Life
The blog that inspired this page, Amy Sue brings you cooking, gardening and living a healthy life with delicious, mouthwatering recipes. I really recommend following her to find out what is yummy this week!

Denise is an Artist, a Woman, a Mother and a Vegan. Her opinions are strong as is her passion for life, health, art, and her family. Her talented Elflings are following in her footsteps.

Putney Farm
‘Get some good food. Cook it. Share with friends. Have a cocktail,’ says this family blog about seasonal food, cooking and entertaining for family and friends. This blog brings delicious recipes inspired by Putney Farm’s garden, orchard, berry patch and bees!

This massage and spa therapist also reflects on life through: ‘My corner. My worldview. The something without which other things do not make sense. The piece that holds other pieces in place’.

Homemade Wellbeing
Kristina’s lovely blog about being happy and balanced, staying healthy and naturally beautiful. She has wonderful homemade recipes that will make you look and feel lovely!

Veganize it!
I love this blog with ideas to unleash your inner vegan. Rebecca Kaplan sets the challenge to veganize any food recipe from onion rings to cookies with a touch of humour. Enjoy finding out why cotton candy is the best vegan dessert.

Sprouting Health
A blogger with a passion for good health and wholesome living, her posts share healthy cooking and whole foods stirred with homespun stories, art and crafts and sprinkled with positive thinking.

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