Movies and music

I love movies and widening my musical tastes so here are a list of bloggers who do just that. If I follow your blog and you follow mine, but are not listed here – apologies, I’ll be adding to these pages over the coming weeks.


Remote access
An enjoyable guide for all movie lovers, exploring best-of and reviews in movie land, what to read and TV cancellation predictions. ‘Chuck’, officially ended, sigh.

My Review Blog
As a movie buff, I enjoy checking out what other film, and TV, fans like this blogger: ‘My opinion for what its worth, on films and programmes old and new’ who can also be found at Tomo’s blog: ‘Just the Insane Ramblings of a Depressed, Paranoid, Neurotic’.


Grove Radio News
One of the newest and freshest pagan music stations on the inter-web, bringing the lovely sounds of folk, alternative folk and folk metal to the ears of their listeners.

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