Book reviews

A collection of the books that I have, and will, review on my blog.

Books about bees

Honey and Dust: Travels in search of sweetness by Piers Moore Ede – an enchanting book about a young British environmentalist writer who is seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident in San Francisco. He rediscovers his passion for life through the help of a beekeeper and his bees. I read this book while in Rome, perfect holiday reading.

Bee Journal by Sean Borodale. Poems written at the hive in veil and gloves. A soulful and exquisite account of a novice beekeeper and his first hive.

Coming soon reviews of James Dearsley’s From A to Bee and more… 

You may also want to check out Talking With Bees’ bookshelf of recommended bee reads.

Aromatherapy books

Coming soon reviews of Patricia Davis’ Aromatherapy an A–Z, Salvatore Battaglia’s Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Rosemary Caddy’s Essential Oils in Colour, and Len Price’s Carrier Oils.

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