I’m updating my blog directory for links to useful organisations in beekeeping and aromatherapy. I’ll also update the list of blogs I follow and my blog awards. Check back soon.

Bees and beekeeping
The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is an educational charity set up in 1874 and the UK’s leading organisation representing beekeepers.
BeeBase is the Fera National Bee Unit website that provides a wide range of free information for beekeepers to help keep their honeybees healthy and productive.
Ealing and District Beekeepers Association is the home of Ealing bees – tea and cake!
Bees for Development is a fantastic charity that assists beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world – lifting them out of poverty through beekeeping.
Bumblebee Conservation Trust because everyone loves bumblebees!
BWARS is the national society dedicated to studying and recording bees, wasps and ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain and Ireland.
Not exactly about beekeeping but essential reading, the Royal Horticultural Society list of plants for bees.
Bee Basic supplies essential, good-quality beekeeping equipment at affordable prices.
Thornes is one of the biggest online shops in the UK for beekeeping, and candle-making, equipment.

International Association of Professional Aromatherapists is the home of professionally qualified aromatherapists.
Neal’s Yard Remedies suppliers of good-quality aromatherapy supplies and equipment.

Blog roll
I’m creating a new blog roll of the many blogs I follow and who follow me. So if you’re not here yet, hang tight, it’s been a busy summer and I’m catching up! Here’s a start on my updated blog roll, check back again soon.
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