Why I love autumn

In autumn there are treasures to be found everywhere…

Mornings are my favourite kind: frost and sunshine and mists hanging heavily on the air. Sunrises and sunsets set the sky ablaze and smoulder into a purple flame along the horizon.

Trees burst into a riot of colour: crimson reds, burnt oranges and rusty golds. The wind charges through outstretched branches and leaves dance like dying embers on the air before falling to the ground.

I can wrap up with scarves and wear toasty gloves warmed on radiators. The weather is perfect for long strolls and kicking up leaves.

Autumn has all the best holidays: Halloween, Diwali and Fireworks Night. The smell of bonfires and smoke linger on the crisp air.

In Pagan traditions the veil between the worlds stretches thin and spells can be cast and wishes made.

Nature’s harvest ripens with apples, blackberries, elderberries, plums and pears. I can cook hearty root vegetable casseroles, tasty squash tagines and spicy pumpkin soup.

In autumn I can stay in without feeling guilty and indulge my hobbies: read, write, draw and create aromatherapy blends. I can enjoy cosy nights curled up on the sofa watching a movie and enjoying a glass of red wine.

The year winds down and there is time for reflection and contemplation. Autumn allows me to let go of the past and plan for the future.

Best of all, our autumn bees can rest from foraging and enjoy the hardwork of their summer sisters by staying warm inside the hive and munching honey.

And finally, I can find leaves that are bigger than my hand!

This post is dedicated to three friends: Chris Matthias, an autumn-loving doood, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, a source of inspiration and magic, and Bill McConkey, who sent me the best trick n’ treat.


5 thoughts on “Why I love autumn

  1. Absolutely beautiful and makes a person take stock and look around at what’s on offer for free. I love the Autumn colours this year too, they seem to be especially wonderful.

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