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Here’s an index of my posts from beekeeping and aromatherapy to travel and photography.

Posts about bees, honey, nature and wildlife
BeekeepingWinter studies for beekeepersAll about the honeyHoney shows and festivalsBumble bees and solitary beesThe wonderful world of insectsNature magicWildaboutTalks and lectures (mostly) about bees

Posts about aromatherapy
Aromatherapy and perfumeEssential oil profiles

Posts about travelling and photography
Travelling and places to goCameracraft

Book reviews, my family and a cabinet of curiosities
Book reviewsStories from my familyCabinet of curiosities


2017 posts
Spring clean washout
Springing to life
The season of the bee
The backwinter

2016 posts
A beekeeper’s notes for the year
Life can’t always be honey
Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers Day 2016
The decay of spring
Behind The Bee Book
April showers bring May flowers
My family and other animals
Welcome to the luxury bee hotel
The frog children
In the garden
Telling the bees
A beekeeper gets married
How we kept the bees warm

2015 posts
A new chapter begins
A Christmas letter
A beekeeper’s notes for January
A beekeeper’s notes for February
Beauty and the beast
When does spring come for the bees?
Myrtle’s Palace
A beekeeper’s notes for March
Spending time in nature
A beekeeper’s notes for April
Bees at the bottom of the garden
A beekeeper’s notes for May
Lock the gate before the horses
A beekeeper’s notes for June: secrets inside the hive
Summer surprise
A beekeeper’s notes for July
A beekeeper’s notes for August
A beekeeper’s notes for September
The day Lolly met the bees
A beekeeper’s notes for October: Autumn is icumin in
A beekeeper’s notes for November
A beekeeper’s notes for December
Bee Merry it’s Christmas!

2014 posts
And it rained…
A break in the clouds
A string of warm days and daffodils
A tale of two colonies
Nature magic: twilight for the bees and a mystery object at the apiary
Bees or honey?
Five years a beekeeper
Has the June gap come early?
A case of supersedure and a super goes on
The month of honey
A rainy day in the honeybee year
A birthday for a bee and a beekeeper
Pink queens and a swarm?
A flurry of honey
Remembering Myrtle
Giving thanks for the honey
How to extract honey too thick to spin out of a perfectly good extractor
The Great Honey Bottle
Eight is the magic number, sort of
The wasp palace
Wasps begone
Winter breaks for bees
A winter’s tale
A Christmas gift from the bees
A stocking filler from the bees

2013 posts
Winter watch for bees
A new beginning
This could get out of hand
When it doesn’t rain
Bee surprise
What is a swarm cell and what is a supersedure cell?
Autumn is coming
Let them eat cake
Turning over a new leaf
Notes by the side of the hive
Trick or treat bee
Who keeps the beekeepers?
The wheel turns

2012 posts
Giving the bees oxalic acid
10 years of pretending to be a beekeeper
Bailey comb change for spring bees
The case of foul brood and the diabolical baby
Myrrh, Queen of the Monsoon
The Bad Beekeepers Club
The red-headed queen of the Diamond Jubilee
A very important message from the bee inspectors for June
The apocalypse and what happened next
Olympic queens!
The story of our summer bees
The last days of our summer bees
Merry Christmas Queen Myrtle and her bees

2011 posts
Eight simple rules to build a beehive
Beard of bees
The Great Escape
It just got interesting
Making rainbows and honey
In space no one can hear you scream
When the queen’s away the bees will play
Reflections on a year in beekeeping
The secret beekeepers
Bees do read books
Happy October bees
10 reasons to have a hive partner
Feeding our autumn bees
The day my mum met the bees
Not much beekeeping doing

Winter studies for beekeepers
Taking the BBKA assessment on a rainy Sunday afternoon
Honeybee behaviour
The role of the worker bee
The life of the queen
A honeybee year
Social organisation of a honeybee colony and worker policing
The social network of honeybees
The foraging honeybee
How honeybees use nectar, pollen, propolis and water
Honeybee products and forage
The poison honey
Bee Craft Live
Winter studies: A chat about the small hive beetle

All about the honey
How do you get bee honey without bee babies?
How to extract honey
How to extract honey too thick to spin out of a perfectly good extractor
The Great Honey Bottle

Honey shows and festivals
A taste of honey at the Chelsea Physic Garden
It’s all about the honey [London Honey Festival 2011]
The London Honey Show 2012
The London Honey Show 2014

Bumble bees and solitary bees
Five things you should know about bumble bees
London’s streets are paved with honey and gold (cute bumble bee pics)

The wonderful world of insects
There be dragons or maybe damselflies
Small thoughts on bug hotels

Nature magic
Dances with bluebells and rain
Snowdrop – the flower of promise
An evening with the Selborne Society at Perivale Wood
Why I love autumn
A study of autumn colours and lights in Regent’s Park
A story in which there is snow, bees and snowdrops
Too cold for a bees’ nose

ZSL London Zoo ‘Keeper for a day’: dreams do come true
Rain or shine, the otters like it fine
No incidental music please, say the squirrels

Talks and lectures (mostly) about bees
Disappearing bees – countdown to catastrophe or one to watch?
Bee Health Day at the London Beekeepers Association
TEDTalks Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing
BBC Gardeners’ Question Time and why we should take lavender to Mars
Lions and tigers and bees (comedy charity event)

Travelling and places to go
Beekeeping in Iceland
In the Land of Fire and Ice
100th post: Fire mountains of Lanzarote
An Ealing beekeeper at Thanksgiving in Wake Forest, North Carolina
On the trail of honey and dust in Rome
Walking in her footsteps
Hereford and Wales
Beautiful Hereford
The Bee Shelter at Hartpury and the secret garden behind the waterfall
Summer’s end

Street lights
Inbetween not-a-bee post
My insect reflection

Aromatherapy and perfume
A plant study of myrtle
Aroma Yoga
A deliciously dirty exploration of smell
Review: Living with essential oils
A chemistry class in perfume-making at Homemade London
Perfume alchemy for Valentine’s Day
The secret of beauty masks at homemade London
Beautiful skin rituals – teatime toners
Kitchen cupboard
Lavender for bee pleasers and scented sugars
A beeswax-and-lavender-butter and a pear-and-black-grape delight

Essential oil profiles
CedarwoodChamomileEucalyptusFennelFrankincenseGeraniumGingerGrapefruitJasmineJuniper berryLavenderLemonLimeMandarinMyrrhMyrtleNeroliPalmarosaPeppermintPetitgrainRavensaraRoseRosemarySweet marjoramSweet orangeTea treeYlang ylang

Book reviews
On the trail of honey and dust in Rome
Poems written by the side of the hive
The Honey Month by Amal El-Mohtar

Stories from my home and family
Nanny Africa
The Watch
This is our garden
From Tintern to Tintagel

Cabinet of curiosities
Who is Monkeyfish?
Return of Monkeyfish
Monkey bones
Going beyond the bones
The wonderfully talented Amber Tenzin-Dolma
A prayer for peace