Aroma Yoga

Aroma Yoga

Aroma Yoga is an inspiring way to start the day by using fragrances that complement yoga moves. Simply put it means burning an essential oil or a blend of essential oils while practising yoga.

Aromatherapy is a natural partner to the five principles of yoga: exercise, deep rhythmic breathing, release from tension, relaxation and meditation. Essential oils can be used to energise the body, encourage deep breathing, awaken the senses, and promote calm.

I practise yoga every morning at home so it is easy to choose an aroma for my daily Asanas (yoga poses). To feel revitalised and renewed after a session, I choose essential oils that are energising and uplifting. Basil or rosemary oils stimulate the mind and clarify the senses, and burning one of these two fragrances brings a greater sense of awareness, aiding focus and balance.

Frankincense is another excellent oil to combine with yoga particularly for classic meditation poses like the Lotus. The orange oils (mandarin, petitgrain, sweet orange) are good choices because they are relaxing and uplifting. Lavender combines well with yoga because it balances the mind and emotions.

My favourite essential oil for yoga is not an obvious one – jasmine. The fragrance of jasmine is very inspiring while practising Salute to the Sun as the world awakes.

I would love to hear more ideas of how to use aromatherapy with yoga.

My essential oils are from Neals Yard, including the aroma stone in the image above.


10 thoughts on “Aroma Yoga

  1. I don’t do yoga but I have to start my day by diffusing E.O.’s. Sometimes I’m just being curious about how different oils work together, other days I let intuition guide me, sometimes it’s nothing more than some Sweet Orange and Lavender. I find that I’m always drawn to what I need and when that happens it makes me look deeper and rediscover oils I thought I already knew. Thanks for posting.

    • I think the great perfumists created wonderful fragrances through intuition. Essential oils are a lovely way to start the day and lavender and sweet orange is a wonderful blend, you have great intuition!

  2. What a lovely post! I’m planning on getting back into yoga this year…I love ALL the essential oils. Some of my favourites for yoga are rosewood, frankincense and myrrh….and neroli is fantastic too!

    • Rosewood… there’s an essential oil I haven’t used for a while. Mellow woody and uplifting floral, perfect for yoga! Neroli is one of my favourites, although I try not to use it too lavishly… Great that you are getting back into yoga, it makes such a difference to how you feel. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Hi Emma! Enjoyed reading this, your other blogs on aromatherapy–and nice profiles on essential oils! Diffusing EO’s definitely enhances one’s yoga practice. Might sound unusual, but I like using Atlas Cedarwood with a couple drops each of Rose and Ylang Ylang, and find this blend to be very ‘opening’.

    One more thought on Atlas Cedarwood: I think it’s one of favored EO’s used by Klingons going into battle. Valerian might be another one for after–they’d like a strong smell and need a strong relaxant.

    P.S. Yes…..another Trekkie lurks amongst the aromatherapists. My fav on your movie quotes…gotta be ‘Khaaaaan!’

    P.S.S. (Thanks so much for the great RT the other day :D)

    • He he! Hope Klingons like bees more than they like tribbles! You may have found an untapped niche for Star Trek universe and aromatherapy!

      Atlas, rose and ylang ylang sounds divine, I shall try that blend.

      Brr, putting more layers on now to pop out and check on our winter bees…

      PS Welcome for the RT. I keep meaning to pop onto AromaConnect more (and will include it on my updated links page) but this year has been crazy busy so far!

      • Got my hubbie and me both laughing about the tribble remark! Actually, I think the Klingons would love your bees…kinda like Klingon Pain Sticks.

        Take care, be warm!

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your blog!
    I usually burn Nag Champa incense when I do yoga and, well, I have sadly neglected essential oils during my yoga practice as of late. I am now totally inspired to set up my diffuser each morning before I start my practice. Looking forward to rose geranium, always happy and uplifting. Maybe some cedarwood when I need some introspection!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m happy you enjoyed it. I hope your essential oils inspire yoga tomorrow morning! Cedarwood is such a lovely, thoughtful fragrance – like the tree grown in the mountains, it helps to clear your mind!

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