A story in which there is snow, bees and snowdrops

The snow queen visited London this weekend and our plans were changed from going to the Chelsea Physic Garden snowdrop theatre to exploring my new home, Northolt Village, under spell of winter.

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen was my favourite fairytale – as a child I would breathe a hole on frosted windows to look outside for her snow bees – so I couldn’t resist going to the apiary to see if our bees were enjoying the snow too.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day in a short video story.

My first video movie created in iMovie! I hope that you enjoyed it.

If you are interested, the Chelsea Physic Garden is running snowdrop days until 12 February 2012.


18 thoughts on “A story in which there is snow, bees and snowdrops

  1. Lovely pics! Makes me wish I could be there to experience it, too! I like snow (though I don’t like having to shovel it, lol). We don’t get a lot of it in Portland, OR. And this winter has been pretty mild so far.

  2. Thanks, Emily! The snowdrops should be in full bloom at the apiary now. Pat had a new gadget at the weekend to try and take the temperature of the hives – he said had tried pointing it at the night sky and it read -152, which he decided was the temperature of the universe!

    • Thank you. The snowdrops emerged at our apiary, and were so low down that I had to lie on the snow and use my elbows as a ‘tripod’ to get my puny ‘macro lens’ setting close enough to capture the detail. But was worth getting completely wet and cold to share these frozen beauties with everyone! 🙂

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