Return of Monkey-Fish!

Image © Paolo Viscardi, curator at the Horniman Museum and Garden

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about a little fellow who was both endearing and a bit scary – Monkey-Fish! His arrival caused quite a stir at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) whose staff came to fear the sound of chicken feet rasping against marble floors after hours…

The adventures of Monkey-Fish have continued and now an investigation by St George’s University and the Horniman Museum in London has finally revealed the secrets of Monkey-Fish. Dr James Moffatt, a physiology lecturer at St George’s University, explains ‘You can’t cut him open and see what’s inside because he’s a relic’ so a combination of CT scans, microscopy, X-radiography and 3D printing is used to show how ‘Herman’ was made. Known as ‘Alan’ at RCP, Monkey-Fish clearly has many aliases.

Watch how scientists reveal the secrets of Monkey-Fish here.

And you can read my original post about Monkey-Fish here.


8 thoughts on “Return of Monkey-Fish!

  1. Watching that video of the making of Monkey Fish reminded me of watching my dad make a Papier-mâché giraffe when I was eight years old. I wonder if there was an eight year old child watching as Monkey Fish was being made?

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