Beauty and the beast


The pleasure of seeing my first bumblebee of the year was blighted by the plague. She looked as beautiful as I felt beastly. A giant black fuzzy bumble haphazardly zig-zagging up the street towards Piccadilly Circus as city workers and tourists dodged out of her way. I had struggled into work feeling very sick, but was glad to have seen her.

I’m taking an unfortunate blogging break this week due to a particularly nasty infection that has totally wiped me out. Sorry to everyone whose posts I’ve not caught up on this past week, I’ll be back soon.

For now, please enjoy a pretty bumblebee frolicking in pollen on top of a purple echinacea flower. I took this photograph in the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians in summer 2012.

EDIT 28 February 2015: Thanks all for your get well wishes below. How ridiculous that a bad cold turned out to be bronchitis – it seems a bit excessive! I’m taking a break for another week to get fully well and catch up with everyone else’s news before getting back to my own. Please stay warm and healthy!


32 thoughts on “Beauty and the beast

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Can’t wait to start seeing bumbles again. This year I hope to actually find and observe a nest. There must be suitable sites around the garden because I see plenty of bumblebees visiting the flowers.

    • Thank you Mark, your well wishes are much appreciated. Sorry for the late reply, I felt too sick last week to even read or write for very long. Yes, I’ve always had a fascination with bumblebees from childhood, they are the most remarkable creatures.

  2. I hope you get better soon too Emma, thank you for your bumble tale. They are still in hiding where I live. My bees are all okay though up til now and that is a blessing.

  3. So sorry to hear you are ill, but very jealous of your bumblebee. After a mild winter all year in our part of the states, we’ve been enjoying cold and snow for the past week, with more on the way. It will be a few weeks before the bumblebees in our area peek out of their burrows (or whatever they are hiding in).

    Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks Erik, it’s felt like a ridiculous setback and surprising how much I started to feel well after a course of antibiotics. I’ve been watching the weather in the US with a mixture of curiosity and wonder – snow feels like a lovely treat in London, though perhaps not as much snow as you’ve had. I’ve heard that bumblebees can even forage in snow, being warm-blooded unlike honeybees, perhaps if you’re lucky you might spot one.

  4. So sorry you have not been feeling well, and the Sun must have brought her out.. I do hope your own cold gets better soon.. And you stay warm,, as I hope she finds a place to snuggle as we head into another chilly spell..
    Hugs Sue xxx

    • Thanks Sue, I was surprised how exhausted a bout of bronchitis could be and how long it could last. But everything happens for a reason, perhaps nature’s way of telling me to slow down for a while. Glad you enjoyed the bumblebee xx

    • Indeed, Amelia. I get very frustrated being sick because I can’t do everything that I normally do. But sometimes you just have to slow down until feeling completely better. I’m starting to feel on the mend now, thanks for your good wishes 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, it does seem to have been one illness after another this year can make you feel very run down when there’s no time to stop. I hope your kids are feeling much better now and perhaps looking forward to bumblebee watch in spring!

  5. I hope you’ve started on the road to recovery Emma. You have my sympathy as my annual bout has just started. With luck you’ll be back to the bees and seeing more and more about now.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. There has been such a horrid thing going around in London… Hope you’re feeling better. Our bees were out this week- with little bits of pollen!..but I haven’t seen a bumble yet.

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