This is our garden


This is our garden. The trees are rustling and the plants are awakening. We don’t know any of them yet.


The fountain sprinkles in a pond where brightly coloured fish swim. We are keepers of fish now.


The sun shines through the windows of the kitchen bringing warmth and light to our new home.


Today is moving day. John and I are moving to our new house. The journey to get here at the start of the year was longer than we thought it would be, but we finally arrived. With the help and love of our families. Our very first house.


Dreams do come true.


47 thoughts on “This is our garden

    • Thank you Emily! We are so happy – it has been a wild fast roller coaster the past couple months though. I couldn’t say till it all happened, which it did last minute very quickly. See you at bees around 2pm to tell you more xx

  1. Wonderful looking new Home… And Congratulations in your arrival… You have a lovely looking new house to make into your Home.. and the garden looks spacious and complete with little pond.. ( a little like our fish pond ) 🙂
    And your New Kitchen is spacious too ready for cooking lots of home-made meals..
    Wishing you well on your move…
    Love and Hugs.. Sue xox

  2. You have a bird feeding station too! Congratulations on the new digs. We’re looking forward to reading about the birds, the bees, the fish, and the flowers. 🙂

    • Our first garden! Thank you Eric, we feel so lucky to have a garden in London, as well as a house, which is so difficult to be able get these days. Hope to share more garden, fish and stories this year.

  3. Dear Emma, May we wish you and John all the happiness in the world in your new home. As you wrote, dreams can come true. It looks a lovely home and one you both can thoroughly grow into. Do you have a special room of your own to do your practical aromatherapy? It will be wonderful discovering all the plants and trees. Let this garden teach you, do not get tempted to change things too quickly. The bees and the garden knows what is needed. We have 15 of those fish in our pond in the back garden. Each year just as winter is packing her bags and the fish start to swim again I am always thrilled that they have survived. Some of them are 16 years old. They went in about 3″ long and are now certainly 18″ long. Pax et Bonum

    • Thank you for your lovely words and thoughts Lindy. We were thinking of getting to know the garden month by month to see what grows before planting anything new, perhaps in September or October… I’ll be posting and asking for gardening advice throughout the year. The kitchen is lovely for aromatherapy recipe-making, I’ll have a whole cupboard rather than a shelf for my kit. The spare room looks like it will have a lot of visitors and be a study when not occupied. We have busy happy days ahead getting the house ready. Emma x

  4. Congratulations! That’s a wonderful big step in a life. A place of one’s own. Is that a fish net or a butterfly net by the railing? Or are you catching wayfaring bees!

  5. Hi Emma … a first home is always a special achievement. Even if you don’t want to keep bees in the garden you could have an empty bait hive … it’ll look good and, you never know, you might attract a swarm. Far better in your hive than a neighbours chimney where the pest controller might have to poison them. I’ve caught swarms in a bait hives in the garden each of the last three years and the nearest bees are at least half a mile away. Freebees 😉

    But I realise there are more pressing priorities at the moment …

    • I love the idea of the bait hive – why not catch a swarm? Better in our garden than a neighbour’s chimney as you say. Thanks for the idea. I’m also looking forward to putting in bug hotels and seeing what other pollinators live in our garden 🙂

  6. Congratulations! There is nothing more special than getting to know your very own house and garden, and creating it to your own tastes. Gardening is one of my biggest joys- the possibilities and planning each spring are just magical.

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