All that glitters

Bee-dazzled – my first foray into jewellery-making

Good news this week. Andy spotted our ladies carrying pollen into the hive during a visit to the apiary. What does that mean? Well, it is thought to be a sign that a colony is ‘queen-right’ – our queen may have found her way home after flying off in a right royal huff on Saturday. Bees bringing pollen is usually a sign that all is right with their world and that they are busily stocking up their food stores and getting on with business. Fingers crossed!

Meantime, I have been busy with a new venture – jewellery-making. First earring and necklace set – christened ‘Bee-dazzled’!


4 thoughts on “All that glitters

    • I hadn’t thought to sell but I probably have enough spares to make you a set if you like? What a brilliant result today, our flighty queen returns! Looks like we’ll need a new name for HRH, any thoughts? Cheers for MicMacs, I shall watch next week – treated myself to True Blood season 3 for my Big Week Off Work! ;o)

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