With thoughts and prayers

Waking up to a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning after the shocking news of last night’s terrible events in London feels unreal. Words cannot express how truly sorry I am that people have died in such a horrible way and that many more people have been terribly injured.

I sat here at my computer this morning thinking about what I would write about bees and beekeeping as I usually do, then I decided to postpone this week’s post out of respect for what has happened in my home city.

I was born and have lived most of my life in London and as a Londoner I am not unused to hearing this sort of news, but still, I cannot believe or accept that it has happened again and I hope that I never do get used to hearing about it.

Although it has been said many times, my thoughts and prayers are for those people who have died and who will never spend another day like today with their families and loved ones.

London is a wonderfully free city that has always welcomed people from all walks of life – my own experience as a Londoner has been that, for the most part, we can all live and work together alongside our differences. I hope and believe that us Londoners will continue to stand strong and to celebrate each other’s rich diversity of cultures and beliefs despite those who would continue to try to stop us from doing so. Stay safe and stay strong everyone.


9 thoughts on “With thoughts and prayers

  1. Emma. I too send my prayers and thoughts to the victims, their families, and the injured and their families. I appreciate your post. I can’t really imagine how bad this really is. If your government and ours (U.S.) don’t become more aggressive in their approach to defeating these terrorists then I’m afraid these attacks are here to stay. Radicalized Islamists are glad to die to kill nonbelievers in a free society. Sorry for ranting but this is our world’s biggest problem.

    • So sorry for the late reply, I’ve just seen your comment. You make some good points. Life continues as normal in London, although we all, of course, wish the threat wasn’t there. I don’t think our police and emergency services could have done anymore, they are brilliant. As for our government, they must act within the current legal framework and it remains to be seen how that will change after today’s general election. Don’t be sorry for ranting – that’s the privilege provided of a free and democratic society.

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