A study of autumn colours and lights in Regent’s Park

The sun is playful in October. It races across the sky low and bright catching fire to vibrant colours, then hides behind mists and raindrops teasing the day with soft light and vivid tones.

Autumn is a fleeting time of year and so I have enjoyed lunch time walks in Regent’s Park, which has been the perfect canvas for the tantalising display of colour and light.

The days started with golden sunshine, leaves on fire and sparkling fountains…

Gloomy clouds arrived bringing overcast light and saturated autumn colours…

Then the mists fell upon wet leaves capturing spectacular hues, waterfalls and reflections…

Light played with raindrops in the dying rose garden and mists wreathed fading flowers…

I hope you are enjoying autumn as much as I have been!

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If you would like to visit or find out more about Regent’s Park, visit the website of the royal parks.

Autumn colour: The science of nature’s spectacle is a great video from the BBC that explains how the ‘elements have conspired to give us a particularly spectacular display of autumn colour’.

Check out this post of beautiful fall photos by Donna: Autumn Kalaidescope.


34 thoughts on “A study of autumn colours and lights in Regent’s Park

  1. Great images. It looks like Autumn is in full flow in Regent’s Park. It is slower in appearance in Colchester Castle Park.

  2. OMG. What a beautiful post. You cover the October fall season so beautifully, from fall color, changing weather, to critters. I love the closeup image of the gate, great angle and perspective. Your blossom photos in the rain… always a favorite of mine. I always like to see into the raindrops. It is like a whole other world is in there.

    • The light is strange and magical in October, I just love it! Blown away by your raindrop photos. Great minds… just got an extension tube for my camera and, seeing as we’ve had so much rain this year, planning a study of rain next!

      • You will have so much fun with the extension tube. But it takes getting used to since you need to move in closer too. I helps is you don’t have a dedicated macro lens, but if you do makes it get better than 1:1.

      • Saving up for a macro lens next year as extension tube is tricky with focus, but it’s great practise to make you think about the camera. Your photography just gets better and better, looking forward to the next instalment! 🙂

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  4. Pingback: Dee’s Delights ~ edition 33 | Dee's Dialogue

    • The royal parks are particularly colourful because of the wide variety of fauna planted there, but one bonus of a wet summer is that autumn is extra colourful in the city this year. You may still see some reds and golds in November. When are you in town? I’m in the US mid November.

  5. One of the more interesting blogs I’ve discovered recently! Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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